Using Exchange Transport Rules to Prevent Recipients from Replying to or Forwarding a Message

In Exchange 2007 and 2010, we can use Message Classification and transport rules to control the flow of mail. In a specific scenario, this can be utilised to restrict replies and forwards of confidential messages. Consider the following scenario:

  • Exchange 2007 environment
  • 000s of Outlook 2007, OWA, Blackberry, iPhone users
  • Requirement: Users need to be able to prevent recipients from replying to or forwarding of their email messages. In other words, when User A sends a message to User B, User B has to be prevented from using the email system to further disseminate the message. Consider different methods that User B could use:
  1. Hit Reply, Reply All or Forward buttons.
  2. Use manual methods: copy and paste, print, retype the message Continue reading Using Exchange Transport Rules to Prevent Recipients from Replying to or Forwarding a Message

Career Factor Application

I wrote about Microsoft Career Factor in the previous post.  It took me while, but I managed to submit my application for the Aspiring Microsoft Certified Master story arc. The preparation took five days of procrastination, three days of coming up with what to say, one day of socialising it to obtain comments from friends and colleagues and four hours to record, edit, render and upload the video.  I have a feeling I should have allocated the time backwards. Continue reading Career Factor Application

Microsoft Career Factor Reality Show

Microsoft Certified Master Program is pricey. Apart from the $18,500 course fee, there is also the three weeks of accommodation, food & drink, as well as the return tickets from London to Seattle. Best guesstimate – $25,000, assuming all goes as planned and there are no surprise costs. Of course, that doesn’t even include the loss of income that a contractor like me has to account for. Hefty! But, apparently, there is a slim chance that majority of it can be gotten for free. (suspend disbelief and read on, it gets better) Continue reading Microsoft Career Factor Reality Show