Practice Environment has to Run on Something

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New server purchased for WAIT to host practice labs for MCM preparation, as well as test environments for recreation (and hopefully resolution) of problems has just arrived. It’s a big box and Mrs. WAIT has kindly accommodated it in the loft, lest it interferes with the noise of the desktop and two laptops downstairs.

Server is a no-name self-build box with a XEON processor, 8GB RAM and 4 x 1TB disks (2 x 1TB RAID-1 arrays) and will use MS Hyper-V (it is a Microsoft product course I am preparing for after all, so reserve comments on this one).

WAIT will be regularly updated with information on configuration of the server and I’ll be looking forward to comments on how to improve performance, representation of real-world examples or with any other suggestions you may have.

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