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I wrote about Microsoft Career Factor in the previous post.  It took me while, but I managed to submit my application for the Aspiring Microsoft Certified Master story arc. The preparation took five days of procrastination, three days of coming up with what to say, one day of socialising it to obtain comments from friends and colleagues and four hours to record, edit, render and upload the video.  I have a feeling I should have allocated the time backwards.

No matter, 15th November was the last day and I squeezed my application in. Chances are that it was the last they receive. Surprisingly, I’m feeling quite positive about it. I suppose that’s due to the fact that it forced me to give my career so far a solid ‘once over’ and I have to say I am content with what I’ve achieved. Needless to say, I am obviously keen to improve on it and that’s where Career Factor could provide a great benefit. Soon enough, I’ll get the answer.

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