Microsoft Career Factor Reality Show

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Microsoft Certified Master Program is pricey. Apart from the $18,500 course fee, there is also the three weeks of accommodation, food & drink, as well as the return tickets from London to Seattle. Best guesstimate – $25,000, assuming all goes as planned and there are no surprise costs. Of course, that doesn’t even include the loss of income that a contractor like me has to account for. Hefty! But, apparently, there is a slim chance that majority of it can be gotten for free. (suspend disbelief and read on, it gets better)

I subscribe to a LinkedIn Group called I’m aiming for ‘MCM’ (Microsoft Certified Master. An email a few hours ago alerted me to an updated topic with a post by David Bjurman-Birr, the Program Manager for MCM Exchange 2010. The topic was MCM Cost and understandably everyone is talking about the high course fee and potential discounts.  So, David drops a bit of a bombshell by suggesting it can be done for free and refers us to Microsoft Career Factor, where Microsoft is offering various combinations of training and exams to eight different types of IT person.

There isn’t much time left (“audition” closes on 15th November), but I think I’m going to give it a shot. Apart from a basic application form, all I have to do is a 1-2 minute video explaining why I should be the right candidate for the show. Considering that what I could get in return would probably amount to $20,000 or so and make me an instant $10,000 a minute movie star, I decided that I shall forgo my misgivings about any reality show, let alone one with me as a participant, and actually apply.

In the spirit of the purpose of the blog, whether I’m successful or not, I will post both the preparation and the outcome here.

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