Career Factor and MCM

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It’s been a few weeks since the last post, regarding my application to participate on Microsoft Career Factor.  This is pretty much due to the fact that I got accepted, which in turn forced a change of plans and brought a few new tasks to the table. However, it also promises to be a very exciting few months ahead.

Career Factor and MCM

The show will run from January to May. So, my original plan of preparing for six months for the June 2011 rotation of MCM Exchange 2011 was not acceptable. I had to go with the January one. Luckily, since I had already been accepted into MCM program, it was only a matter of organising the family and sorting out the tickets.  Yes, Microsoft is covering everything else – course, food, transport, accommodation… Quite awesome, actually.  And they’ve been supremely helpful in keeping me up-to-date.

Apart from change of schedule, CF required information about me – bio, resume, intro interview etc. All of that is in the process of getting finalised and will be posted on MS Learning Born to Learn blog. It will also be linked to this blog.

In fact, part of my duties towards Career Factor is to ensure the updates take place regularly. So, if you’re interested in seeing the preparation, participation and impact on my career of doing Microsoft Certified Master, please select from links on the right to stay updated.

2 thoughts on “Career Factor and MCM

  1. dear Bojan,

    This is Rupesh and willing to become MCM,
    can you tell me how much you have paid to Microsoft for LAB
    i should do the LAB before write Knowledge base Exam?

    Technology keep changing in a year, Microsoft may launch Exchange 2012 or 2015 in coming years. do you think, MCM Exchange 2010 will really Boost our Carrer.


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